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Our Founder & Cook

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Camille Bergallo

As far as I remember, I have always been food-centered. I grew up in Provence by the French Riviera, with a mom originally from Spain and a dad from Italia. In my family, the moments spend around a table have always been special and precious. I see them as a chance to seat together, talk and laugh around a delicious home-made meal.

Born and raised by the Mediteranea, moments by the sea are my favorite. Specially when it's about having picnics ! For me, sharing great food in magic natural environnements is the best way to celebrate life with my beloved ones. 

Life took me many places so far and I have lived in 5 different countries, always in the look for new discoveries, cultures and flavors. I get inspired with smells, colors, shapes, textures and am always in the search of new creations.

Now I live an happy life in San José Del Cabo, Baja California, and Le Panier is my way of honoring and sharing my origines, my passion for the food, for the French cuisine, and the fantastic European delicacies.

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