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    This boxe is the perfect combinaison of Premium European cheese and charcuterie.

    It contains 4-5 kinds of cheese (depending the size of the box) and 3 kinds of charcuterie :


    • Parmeggiano Reggiano (Italy)
    • Manchego (Spain)
    • Gruyere (France)
    • Comté (France) 
    • Double creme d'Affinois cheese (France)
    • Serrano Ham (Spain)
    • Salami (Italy) 
    • Saucisse séche (France)
    • Greek marinated olives 
    • French gherkins
    • Fresh vegetables
    • Fresh and dry fruits
    • Walnuts, Pistachios and Cashews
    • Edible flowers


    Additional options : 

    • Soudough bread (+$130)
    • French fig jam or strawberry jam (+$80)
    • Honey  (+$80)


    Our selection of cheeses and charcuterie incluses only Premium and DOP products. The kinds of cheese and charcuterie can vary in fonction of seasons and deliveries. Products may vary but never the quality.

    • Serving details :

      All boxes are intented for appetiser portions

      S: around 50 pieces of cheeses & charcuterie combined

      M: around 100 pieces of cheeses & charcuterie combined

      L : around 200 pieces of cheeses & charcuterie combined

    • Complementary information

      All the creations are handmade with a lot of attention to details favors and harmony with the favors.

      Non-contractual picture. Each composition is unique and created in fonction of the disponibility of high quality products.  Products may vary but never the quality.

    PriceFrom $850.00