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    This boxe contains : 

    • Norvegian premium quality smoked salmon
    • Greek housemade tzatziki
    • Our special lemon creme-cheese 
    • Mini sesam-bagels
    • Totopos 
    • A selection of fresh fruits and vegetables
    • Almonds and pistachio
    • Edible flowers
    • Serving details :

      All boxes are intented for appetiser portions

      S : 125 gr of premium Norvegian salmon and 2 mini bagels

      M : 250 gr of premium Norvegian salmon and 4 mini bagels

      L : 500gr of premium Norvegian salmon and 8 mini bagels

    • Complementary information

      All the creations are handmade with a lot of attention to details and harmony with the flavors.

      Non-contractual picture. Each composition is unique and created in fonction of the disponibility of high quality products.  Products may vary but never the quality.

    PriceFrom $1,300.00